Lesson plan

Fractions on the farm

Learning through making enables children to ‘see’ concepts and theory for themselves, so it’s a great way to teach concepts like fractions, which can often be tricky to grasp and a bit flat on paper.  Our Mayku Teach Farm lesson plan for Key Stage 2 maths, offers a fun, practical way to teach fractions.

Pupils design a tile representing one fifth of a farm, thinking about what proportion of their section is allocated to which elements, such as animals, plants and buildings. The other sections of the farm will be designed by their classmates, meaning they must also consider how their tile fits into the whole.

The design and creation of the tile will take place over four one-hour lessons. First, pupils design the tile on squared paper, learning about the different ways of expressing proportions i.e. percentages, decimals and fractions. They will also make comparisons between 2D and 3D shapes and measure angles using degrees.

Over the following lessons, they will plot their tiles using fractions and percentages, but also pencils and clay. After they’ve designed and moulded their section, they will paint the animals, vegetables and buildings. Once the class’s farms are complete, each student will evaluate their section, discussing it in terms of proportion, then see how it fits into the whole.

This last task will involve adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator, as well as with denominators that are multiples of the same number.  This set of lessons not only teaches fractions but in a fun and engaging way that develops skills of evaluation and review, collaboration with the rest of the class, and builds confidence through child-led learning.

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